Monday, August 2, 2010

MSP SummiIT 2010, A Review

MSP SummiIT 2010, A review

Late Arrival at the destination but yet a blast event by MDP Nepal, MSP SummIT 2010.

If now, I want to spend thousands of my money for the information I gathered at the summIT, I will not be able to gain it. The friends, all the best of the best of IT college, I can’t find them anywhere. The fun stuff, I will miss it for entire my life, but still remember it. The time at night, we can’t sleep, that would never happen except with MDP Nepal.

Previously, when I was said about the summit at Nagarkot, I have thought a lots of plans about visiting Nagarkot and bunking the all the presentations. But all the thinking in vein. My heart wanted to bunk as I wanted to visit, but my mind didn’t allowed me doing any of the things.

MSP 2010 has told me that we were not allowed to sleep. So as soon as we got the key, I asked for the key because I wanted to sleep. I went to the room and lied on the bed, trying to sleep. But can’t sleep because there was a great event going there inside the hall.

And the person who I can’t get tired describing, Allen Sir, who made us feel that we are family. He is the person who never gets tired when he is with family and loves his family. One thing always strike in my mind, but didn’t asked Allen sir about it. Allen Sir हजुर कुन पिठोको रोटी खानु हुन्छ??

And at last,

The event was one of the best event I attended. Thank you MDP Nepal for making me a part of it. Now after the SummIT, I feel proud myself to say that I am MSP and I am the part of Microsoft.

Shishir Dhakal

MSP 2011


  1. Great,, Shishir it is same felling for all attendee yup i am too proud to say i am MSP.:)